Payroll & Auto Enrolment

Time is the most invaluable tool to a business
Yours should not be wasted on rules and forms
Put your time back into your business and watch it grow!

Looking To Improve Your Accounting?

What we do

Alongside our other excellent services, we offer the opportunity to free up more of your time by completing your payroll and taking care of your staff from enrolment to retirement or termination. We will take on the responsibility of ensuring your staff are paid correctly and fairly and that your business is able to continue running smoothly.

Why we do it

So much valuable business time is taken up enrolling staff onto payroll and pensions, even without considering all the correct deductions and contributions necessary to ensure your business is being run legally and your staff are content and taken care of. When your staff are looked after and their entitlements are settled, you are certain to see the benefits of a healthy workplace. Not only do our services keep your staff happy, but they free up more of your time to focus on your business.

Who is it for?

Training staff to organize payroll is costly, and time-consuming. We cut out that middleman entirely. Payroll itself comes with its own issues too, as failure to meet certain compliances can lead to legal troubles that end up being expensive for businesses. We can lift that burden from your shoulders, and you can have confidence that your business is compliant and benefiting from completing the correct contributions and deductions.

Looking To Improve Your Accounting?


Breslins is an accounts and advisory firm that cares for clients:

We save you time in your accounts, we save you money in your taxes & we help grow your business.

Let us take away the pain and hassle of your accounts and tax issues. 

Let us look at options to save you money by reducing your taxes.

Let us help you find ways to grow your business.

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